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NEWS: LOVE AND REVENGE EPISODE 1 [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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‘cigarette’ Lex said stretching his hands towards Ann.

Ann smiled and handed it over to him.

‘baby, so you are really going to start working for 3BRAINS?’ Ann asked as she threw her cigarette into the ash tray.

Lex looked at her ‘you know that already’

Ann stood up and went to sit on his laps then placed a soft kiss on his lips.

‘because of revenge?’ she asked.

‘stupid question!!!!’

Ann frowned a little before smiling. Lex had been unbearably cold nowadays and she wondered why. Maybe because his time for his revenge was drawing near.

In her ten years of knowing Lex, she knew he lived solely for revenge, nothing else.

His passion for revenge had led him into a life of crime in order to become rich.

Every time April 29th draws near, she had to deal wit a cold Lex. Because that was the date his parents and siblings were murdered. So that date always reminded him of how he lost his family, that was why he was always cold especially on that date.

‘let me prepare dinner’ Ann said breaking the silence that was reigning in the room ‘after that we go for a marathon s-x. I’m already turned on, you know’ she said and winked at him.

Lex rolled his eyes and scoffed ‘i’m not in the mood’

‘thats what you always say. Just wait until i’m done cooking’ Ann said and left for the kitchen.

Lex picked up the remote and changed the chanel. Not that he was watching it, it just helped him think of his first line of revenge.

He was ready now.

He had waited 20years for this. What pained him was the fact that he had turn 28 in two days time, April 30th, though he had changed his birthdate to August 20th, his beloved mother’s birthday.

He missed his mother! Geraldine, Martins and Fiona,, his siblings, he missed them. And his father!

His father who he had gone to meet for a chat that fateful midnight had been murdered before his own very eyes.

The next day had been his birthday.

It was the custom of every member of the family to meet his father on the eve of their birthday in order to tell him the gifts they wanted from him.

But because his father had come late in the evening when he and his siblings had slept off, he had chose to wake up in the midnight to talk to him about the gifts he wanted.

As he headed towards his parents room, he heard noises from the sitting room so he tiptoed to listen.

And then he watched as his dad cried and pleaded in tears, and then watched as his father was murdered in cold blood and then watched as his house was set on fire. Immediately they shot his father, he had fled the house through the back door in tears running for his dear life.

Up to date, he regretted not being able to save his family. He hated the fact that he was too young to do anything.


Ciara Anderson sat on her bed exhausted from shooting. Today was hectic, she had shot many scenes, kiss scenes, fighting scenes, singing scenes and dancing scenes, she was tired.

A knock appeared on the door. She sighed, she didnt want any disturbances, all she wanted to do was shower and sleep.

‘can i come in?’ a feminine voice said from outside.

Ciara sighed. Sandra ‘please do’

Sandra pushed the door open and entered with a tall, chocolate skinned handsome young man.

SANDRA: Ciara, this is your new manager, Lex Johnson


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