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Three people dead as FRSC officers causes accident in Ibadan.




NEWS: Three people dead as FRSC officers causes accident in Ibadan. [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

This is the kind of thing that happens when some officers leaves the work they were designated to do and starts doing another thing.

This happened at Lagos Ibadan expressway. According to reports, some officers of the federal road safety corps who were on duty along the expressway way, pursued a vehicle for refusing to stop and give them whatever they demanded. They used thier vehicle to chase the other driver down the expressway towards the guru maraji junction in Ibadan where the car hit some innocent people and three people lost thier lives in the accident and some injured. According to an eye witness, one FRSC officer lost his life in the accident too while the other officers ran a way though people around got hold of one officer.


I'm a very positive person that believe in God.

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NEWS: DEAD SECOND COVID I9 CASE IN WARRI [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

Written by Monoyo Snr

In the photo below are the Warri South LGA chairman, alongside the DPO, Warri Area Command and some members of staff of the Council earlier this morning on a seal up exercise of the story building that houses the quack clinic that first treated Delta’s dead 2nd case of COVID 19 in Ugbori, Warri. 

First, I wonder how the Council went to carry out a seal up exercise without fumigating the building and its environs. We are not even sure if all the staff of the clinic and occupants of the building have been arrested by the authorities.

The deceased, a BEDC Business Manager and Pastor was first taken to Lagos for treatment before returning to Warri two weeks ago for hidden treatment. Unborn, where he was hidden, is a densely populated Itsekiri community.

When we advocated for a shutdown of the state borders, people thought that we were playing the script of the opposition. Some mocked us that we were ignorant of the workings of government. Finally, when Governor Okowa heeded to our call, the Lockdown seemed only effective everywhere in the state bar the borders. We heard reports of complicit security officials collecting as low as N3000 to allow people into the state through the borders. Oh yes, nothing is impossible in crisis situations in Nigeria. Greed and lack of proper monitoring make our borders porous in such situations. Africans have never taken their health seriously. Otherwise, how do you explain the dearth of quality healthcare everywhere in Nigeria especially Delta State?

Now, see what has become of our state. Apparently, by the time Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa decided to shut down the borders, the 2nd case had already entered the state. The scariest thing is that there could be more cases. 

I’m sorry, but I do not share the belief that Delta State has been able to account for the exact number of possible COVID-19 carriers in the State. In fact, the entire country lacks that discipline. We are not people that keep accurate records.

The index COVID 19 case was unknown to the Delta State Government until his condition deteriorated. Same for this dead case.

The question is are we going to keep waiting for cases to deteriorate before we do the needful? From what we know about the virus, by the time a case deteriorates, the carrier has become high risk and may have infected everyone around him/her unbeknownst to them until about a week plus after contact with the high-risk case that they would start showing noticeable symptoms.

Besides the press releases and number updates that the State Government is doing, how thorough is their contact-tracing exercise? I bet you that even before the WSLGA officials arrived this morning, the clinic staff and maybe the other tenants occupying the house would have deserted the building. How do you trace them in a state that the accurate database has continually eluded?

Sadly, the very little awareness campaign is carried out in the state. Besides, the FG through NCDC general awareness campaign, I do not think that the state has scored above 40% in local awareness against the virus otherwise people who live around the building would have blown the cover on the case. 

To make matters worse, the deceased was transported all the way to Oghara before it could be confirmed that he died of Covid19. 

As densely populated as Warri -the most populous city and economic nerve center of Delta State, the State Government didn’t deem it proper to site a befitting Isolation Centre with testing kits in Warri. 

Everything is politics in Delta State -Every freaking goddamn thing. 

I pray that God helps us not to allow this to be a pandemic in Delta State. I just pray.

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Bopdaddy Challenge: NIS Suspends The Transfer Of The Five Officers Involved




NEWS: Bopdaddy Challenge: NIS Suspends The Transfer Of The Five Officers Involved [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

The Nigeria Immigration Service has suspended the transfer of five of its officers to Borno, Yobe, Kano and other states for participating in a social media competition known as #Bopdaddy challenge.

Before the official confirmation of the suspension of the transfer of the officers, the Musician Folarinde Falana aka Falz who is a lawyer has written a letter of understanding to the NIS comptroller general on why the tranfer needed to be suspended, he showed a copy of the letter through his twitter handle.

The #Bopdaddy Challenge involves people video recording themselves transforming into a variety of clothes.

The NIS made this known in a series of tweets on its Twitter handle on Friday, saying the transfer was put on hold pending the outcome of an investigation into their conduct.

It will be recalled that the five officers – Priscilla Irabor, Catherine Bakura, Blessing Udida, Binti Attabor, and Ockiya Eneni – were transferred to states far from their duty posts for participating in the #Bopdaddy challenge initiated by musician, Folarinde Falana aka Falz.

The service transferred Irabor from the Lagos State Command to the Nigeria Immigration Training School, Kano, while Attabor was posted from the service headquarters in Abuja to Yobe State Command.

Eneni was moved from the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card Production Facility to the Borno State Command.

Udida from the FCT Command was sent to the Akwa Ibom State Command while Bakura was transferred from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, to the NIS Training School Ahoada, Rivers State.

After their transfer, there was an outrage on social media, with Nigerians, including Falz, the son of Femi Falana (SAN), urging the NIS to reverse its position.

Reacting to the outcry, the NIS tweeted, “The attention of the Comptroller General Muhammad Babandede MFR has been drawn to some trending matters on some social media platforms regarding the deployment of some of our Personnel to some Formations across the country.

“It is important to note that staff deployment remains a vital practice of regimented organisations such as ours and should be seen as such.

“As an agency, we maintain zero tolerance to any matters bordering on offences against discipline among members of our workforce irrespective of gender.

“We have a high premium for staff development and indeed encourage personal efforts but that must be within the confines of our rules and regulations.

“The matter involving the Personnel in question is still being investigated and therefore, the Comptroller General has directed that the earlier Posting Order be put on hold pending the conclusion of the investigation.”

The five women had been seen changing from their immigration uniforms into clothes that the immigration authorities deemed too revealing.

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Fire Burn Cars, Shops And Destroy Properties In Ibadan




NEWS: Fire Burn Cars, Shops And Destroy Properties In Ibadan [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

It was a tensed moment in Moniya area of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital yesterday as fire razed several shops, cars, motorcycles, excavator including the motor park close to Akinyele Local Government Area headquarters were destroyed by the inferno which lasted for some minutes. Everbodyaround the area started scampered for safety from the flames after the tanker caught fire.

One of the eyewitnesses,said men of the Oyo State Fire Service arrived at the scene about 35 minutes after the fire started. persons died when a fuel-laden tanker went up in flames at Moniya area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, on Friday.

The tanker conveying diesel lost control while descending the slope beside a filling station at Moniya, crushing a vehicle travelling to Ogbomoso.

There was a loud blast which was followed immediately by huge ball of fire with thick cloud of smoke. It kept touching everything on its way.

“No one could move near the fire. Everybody was scampering for safety,” the eyewitness said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Fire Officer, Oyo State, Adewuyi Moshood, said his men arrived at the scene in good time considering the distance they needed to cover to get to the spot.

The fire started when a fully laden tanker conveying diesel lost control while descending the slope beside a filling station at Moniya. There was brake failure and it crushed a vehicle going to Ogbomoso.

“One passenger, who was trapped in the vehicle got burnt. One other life was lost,” Adewuyi said.

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