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We Spend #4500 On Each Covid19 Patient's Meal Per Day - Bauchi Government




NAIJA NEWS: We Spend #4500 On Each Covid19 Patient's Meal Per Day - Bauchi Government [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The Bauchi state government through the executive chairman of the state Primary Healthcare Development Agency (PHCDA) Mr Rilwanu Mohammed has said the state spends nothing less than N4,500 daily on the meals of each patient admitted to its isolation centres.

The chairman said Bala Mohammad, governor of the state has approved the amount to ensure that COVID-19 patients in the state were well fed.

It will be noted that some weeks ago some COVID-19 patients were protesting in some states due to the poor treatment they received , including poor feeding, at the isolation centres.

Mohammed, who is also the chairman, contact tracing committee on COVID-19 in Bauchi, said the governor directed officials to make sure that the patients feel at home in the isolation centres.

“It was the state governor that ordered us that we should put N1,500 per single meal in a day,” he said.

“That is, N1,500 meal during breakfast, the same amount for lunch as well as dinner because he doesn’t want anybody in isolation to suffer or complain so that we won’t have any riot like in some other states.

“This brings the total amount of money on meal per day to N4,500 on a single patient.”

Mohammed said he has received calls from healthy persons who want to be admitted to the isolation centres because of the “good treatment” given to the patients.

He urged the people to always adhere to all the preventive measures as advised by the government and health authorities in order to contain spread of the virus.

“Recently, three people called me and they were asking that they wanted to be admitted in isolation centre,” he said.

“One of them was from Giade Local Government Area of the state and because we recently discharged a lot of people from that area, obviously they had given them information on how they were taken care of.

“All these people were pleading with me to come and pick them up and take them to an isolation centre, they said they wanted to enjoy the chicken, eggs, fried potatoes and all the goodies our patients are having while in isolation.”


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Naija News

2 Covid19 Patients Runaway In Kaduna




NEWS: 2 Covid19 Patients Runaway In Kaduna [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The kaduna state government has raised alarm over the incommunicado of two postive Covid19 patients in the state, this was made public today by the state commissioner for health in a statement she signed.

The statement reads in part:

KDSG tells persons who are Covid-19 positive to submit

themselves for treatment in isolation centres

The Kaduna State Ministry of Health has reiterated that anybody who tests positive

for Covid-19 must submit themselves for treatment at the isolation centre. The

Ministry warned that it is illegal and dangerous for Covid-19 positive to switch off

their phones and make themselves inaccessible to health authorities after being

notified of their test results.

Commissioner of Health Dr. Amina Mohammed-Baloni issued this warning today. She

disclosed that two persons who were on isolation pending receipts of their test

results were duly informed on Friday that they had tested positive. Health officials

subsequently notified them that a team will be coming to convey them to the

isolation centre for treatment. These persons subsequently switched off their phones

and have remained incommunicado.

These reckless action of theirs is endangering themselves, their families and the

larger community. Similar irresponsible conduct by some Covid-19 positive cases has

been reported in another state. It isa pattern of behaviour that must be stopped

because it is patently dangerous to public safety.

Details of the two persons involved have been communicated to the security

agencies for tracking and surveillance. Members of the public who may have relevant

information on the whereabouts of these persons are urged to promptly contact the


Covid-19 is not a death sentence. Persons who receive treatment promptly have a

higher chance of defeating the disease. Twelve persons have so far been discharged

in Kaduna State after receiving treatment and our health professionals are working

hard for the recovery of other patients. However, positive but asymptomatic persons

and untreated Covid-19 cases have a high chance of infecting others and

endangering their well-being. Knowingly infecting others and displaying an absence

of consideration for the welfare of others is not a responsible response to this highly

infectious disease.

Dr. Amina Mohammed-Baloni

Commissioner of Health

10th May 2020

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Naija News

2 Covid19 Patients Abscond From Isolation Centre In Oyo State




NEWS: 2 Covid19 Patients Abscond From Isolation Centre In Oyo State [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

The Governor of Oyo state Engr. Seyi Makinde has today confirmed through his twitter handle during his task force update briefing that two out of the active 33 covid19 patients in the state have absconded from the isolation centre and presumably return to their residence.

The governor statement reads in part " We have received more results from pending COVID-19 confirmation tests. The result of one suspected case came back POSITIVE, on 03/05/2020. The person is based in Ibadan.

The results of five suspected cases came back POSITIVE on 04/05/2020. Four of these five cases are immigrants and the last person is an Oyo State resident

The results of five suspected cases came back POSITIVE on 05/05/2020. Four of these five cases are travellers from the Northern part of Nigeria and the last one is an Oyo State resident.

Of the 33 active cases being managed by the state, two have absconded, possibly to their permanent places of residence. This brings the number of active cases in Oyo State to 31.

1:35 PM ·

Ten cases are self-isolating while twenty-one cases are being managed in the isolation centres in Oyo State; one at the University College Hospital, Ibadan & twenty in Olodo. Nineteen of these twenty cases at Olodo are asymptomatic & the last person has anosmia (loss of smell)

A total of 975 samples have so far, been collected and are being processed." The Governor writes

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Give Us The Permission To heal Covid19 Patients - Apostle Suleman Tells Govt




NEWS: Give Us The Permission To heal Covid19 Patients - Apostle Suleman Tells Govt [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The founder of Omega Fire Ministry Apostle Johnson Suleman has called on the federal government to allow pastors heal COVID-19 patients in the country through prayers and divine healing.

Contrary to the World Health Organisation (WHO) warning people against unscientific claims suggesting cure for the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus.

But according to Church Times, the clergyman said there was need for the government to grant permission to those with divine healing gifts to visit isolation centres and cure people with the killer virus.

Suleman claimed such measure is needed if the country hopes to make meaningful progress in the fight against the novel disease.

“Please (referring to the government) permit us to go and pray for COVID-19 patients. Allow us to go there (isolation centres), that is why there are men of God,” he said.

“If you are really anointed to pray for the sick, this is the time because what is holding the world is sickness. So, we’re begging the government to permit us into isolation centres, that is the only way we can reduce this nonsense because it will improve everyday.

“There are people with the gift of healing, God has gifted them to pray for the sick. It is not fake, gimmick or arranged. It is there in them. Permit us so that we can prove there are prophets in Nigeria.”

He added that such permission from the government would also reduce the backlash many pastors have been getting on the social media about their perceived inability to do anything about the pandemic.

“Permit us so that the ridicule and all that can reduce. We’re not telling you we can heal all of them but by the time we are through with them, you’ll see significant difference. If they are 20 before, at least 18 will be cleared because that is what God can do,” he said.

Suleman further stretches the list of religious leaders who believe the killer virus could be handled through divine intervention.

So far, there are 1185 confirmed cases of the virus in Nigeria with 222 discharged and 35 deaths recorded.

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