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Of course sex machine is not born, rather


I don’t have 12 inches dick though.

Only 8.7 inches when I measured it. But do I

have to tell you that needle is more painful

than nail.***woman will surely beg for

mercy if handling by champion*** are you doubting it? A trial will convince you. It is a

must you figure out your potential on how to

make use of your d*ck. What is essence of

big cock with no value, woman go run away

nah. But there is saying which goes thus;

ever being into some else father’s farmland fondly saying, ‘when you reach

my father’s farmland’. I have never

dream of having a big cock before though, I

have been a champion for a period until

when I met “dorchas” calabar girl.

Difference women are endowed in difference ways and styles. When you see a woman

with big bumbum or bossom and you begin to

amaze, so as to say that; there some women

who have big wide cunt. Dorcahs is not

endowed by big bumbum or bossom. But her

womanliness is hun hun***clear my throat*** …totally out of this world. before I

begin to talk about my flaw leme quickly

move to how it all started. I grew up in a big city not far away from

gheto area in ibadan. We had a rule in my

neighbourhood. It wasn’t mather whether

or not when you get knocked down. It is

what you do when you get back up. I am

here to tell you today that, even though, chyka knocked me down a couple of times,

but I later rose up through a girl called

ibidun. Ibidun is a student of the polytechnic Ibadan.

She finished her ND a year before we

eventually met. But I was still pursuing my

own admission then. She is staying with her

aunty after the program. I met her when I

came back from Lagos. I was on my way to field when I saw this damsel. She looks posh

and va-va-voom. I couldn’t help it but stare

at her lap, structure and the shape of her

bumbum. I took style branch to their shop to

buy little thing in other to create familiarity.

But she caught me looking at her and broke the silence first. Girl; why are you just staring at my Skirt,

while I sat? Me; I was defenseless against small dress. Girl: defenceless?!? You mean my skirt…? Me: nope, this is not skirt. this is a typical ass

bet. Girl: wwooooooowwww We both laugh and she said I was funny… Me: funny? That is cool. Though people do

give such remark about me. . Girl: heeen, that is good? me: may I know you? Girl: **stress her hands outward**this is me. Me: oh nooo, I mean can we be a friend? Girl: **laughing** we are already friend. Me: but we just met… How can you say we

already friend? Girl: since we are talking together like this.

To me, we are already friend. Me:**serious** I just want us to move closer

than this. Girl: **laughin** I knew that is where you

are coming to. Me:**laughing too** so, where do I go

before? Actually, you are a lady and am a

guy. What will I be talking about? Sport I

guess? Girl:laughing Me: tell me now? Girl:**shrugged

** ok! I have heard you. Me: may I know your name? Girl: ibidun, and your? I guess she already falling cuz she begin to

make tin in reciprocation. Me: ooooh, me! Heeeen… I am jerryto.? Ibidun: hmmmm, what type of name is that?

Are you not a yoruba? Me: of course, I am a Yoruba. It just a

nickname people know about me. Ibidun: ok! Nic meeting you. Me: it is my pleasure**stressing my hand

outward for her and she place her hand

ontop it*** I kissed the back of her hand, as I

could see that she could not help it, but

blushing. When she was about to turn around. Me: excuse me, less I forgot. May I have you

no pls? Ibidun: o,. No p! I dipped my hand into my pocket and handed

over my phone to her. She took style looked

at the profile picture on my phone and made

a statement***’picture aye’***. We

laughed togther and I knew this girl already

fell for me. When I got home I draft a touching message. I sent it to her by 2:00am

in the night. Early in the morning she called

back to tell me how the mesaage make her

morning. That she likes it. The only thing I

discoverd about ibdun is that everytime I

asked her to come my home, she would disappoint me. I then made a scene for her

that I was ill and my friend should help me

call to inform her. Since i have let them meet

a couple of occations for something like

today. It would be nice using floxy to lure her *** Wetin man go do? It is bin month and a

half following her nah. And I feel like taste

her honey pot for now. ** 

To be continued……

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