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There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello




NAIJA NEWS: There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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As the Kogi state government fails to admit that there is coronvirus case in the state as reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the family of the recorded index case in the state has beseech the Kogi state government to stop denying the reality that has befallen the state, the family admitted that truly there father is tested positive for the novel virus and that the man had not travel from the state for a while.

Chief Tai Ejibunu, Obatebise of Oweland, in a statement by the family, said the Chief Imam exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 because he eventually tested positive after referral from the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Lokoja.

In the statement titled, “The COVID-19 Case Infection: Matters Arising, the family said,: “Our attention has been drawn to the series of discussions going on concerning Covid-19 index case in Kabba and the identity of the index case.

“I wish to affirm, on behalf of Ejibunu family, that the Chief Imam of Kabba, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Ejibunu, was down with flu some few days back and he had to be hospitalised at the Specialist Hospital in Kabba.

“Further medical attention was sought at the Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja, as the flu did not abate after some days.

“At the FMC, he was referred to the National Hospital in Abuja and the test conducted on him by the NCDC showed that he was Covid-19 positive.

“The test conducted on one of his sons who had been with him since came out negative.”

It added: “The family would have come out to speak on the matter but we were not comfortable with the ding dong game going on between the NCDC and the Kogi State government.

“The family is concerned about the wellbeing of other and we wish to confirm that Covid-19 has found its way sadly into our community and the state.

“Therefore, no need for Kogi State government to deny the obvious.

“We would like to stress that the Chief Imam, of recent, had never ventured outside Kogi State by way of travelling outside the state. So, the ‘virus’ could have been contacted within.

We wish to advise our people to please abide by the protocols emplaced by the NCDC and play safe.

“The family is cooperating with the Kogi State government and the NCDC to stem the spread.

“This evening, contact tracing and testing of family members of the Chief Imam had begun.

“What we need from our people is empathy and no need for the acrimonious exchange of views and counter views.

“May God save Oweland and her people in particular and the state in general.


A social political analyst and writer

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NEWS: DEAD SECOND COVID I9 CASE IN WARRI [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

Written by Monoyo Snr

In the photo below are the Warri South LGA chairman, alongside the DPO, Warri Area Command and some members of staff of the Council earlier this morning on a seal up exercise of the story building that houses the quack clinic that first treated Delta’s dead 2nd case of COVID 19 in Ugbori, Warri. 

First, I wonder how the Council went to carry out a seal up exercise without fumigating the building and its environs. We are not even sure if all the staff of the clinic and occupants of the building have been arrested by the authorities.

The deceased, a BEDC Business Manager and Pastor was first taken to Lagos for treatment before returning to Warri two weeks ago for hidden treatment. Unborn, where he was hidden, is a densely populated Itsekiri community.

When we advocated for a shutdown of the state borders, people thought that we were playing the script of the opposition. Some mocked us that we were ignorant of the workings of government. Finally, when Governor Okowa heeded to our call, the Lockdown seemed only effective everywhere in the state bar the borders. We heard reports of complicit security officials collecting as low as N3000 to allow people into the state through the borders. Oh yes, nothing is impossible in crisis situations in Nigeria. Greed and lack of proper monitoring make our borders porous in such situations. Africans have never taken their health seriously. Otherwise, how do you explain the dearth of quality healthcare everywhere in Nigeria especially Delta State?

Now, see what has become of our state. Apparently, by the time Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa decided to shut down the borders, the 2nd case had already entered the state. The scariest thing is that there could be more cases. 

I’m sorry, but I do not share the belief that Delta State has been able to account for the exact number of possible COVID-19 carriers in the State. In fact, the entire country lacks that discipline. We are not people that keep accurate records.

The index COVID 19 case was unknown to the Delta State Government until his condition deteriorated. Same for this dead case.

The question is are we going to keep waiting for cases to deteriorate before we do the needful? From what we know about the virus, by the time a case deteriorates, the carrier has become high risk and may have infected everyone around him/her unbeknownst to them until about a week plus after contact with the high-risk case that they would start showing noticeable symptoms.

Besides the press releases and number updates that the State Government is doing, how thorough is their contact-tracing exercise? I bet you that even before the WSLGA officials arrived this morning, the clinic staff and maybe the other tenants occupying the house would have deserted the building. How do you trace them in a state that the accurate database has continually eluded?

Sadly, the very little awareness campaign is carried out in the state. Besides, the FG through NCDC general awareness campaign, I do not think that the state has scored above 40% in local awareness against the virus otherwise people who live around the building would have blown the cover on the case. 

To make matters worse, the deceased was transported all the way to Oghara before it could be confirmed that he died of Covid19. 

As densely populated as Warri -the most populous city and economic nerve center of Delta State, the State Government didn’t deem it proper to site a befitting Isolation Centre with testing kits in Warri. 

Everything is politics in Delta State -Every freaking goddamn thing. 

I pray that God helps us not to allow this to be a pandemic in Delta State. I just pray.

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Covid19: Niger State Covid19 Patients Protest Over Poor Treatment In Isolation Centre




NEWS: Covid19: Niger State Covid19 Patients Protest Over Poor Treatment In Isolation Centre [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

Yesterday in Niger state isolation centre some suspected COVID-19 patients receiving treatment at a government facility in Minna, the state capital, threatened to discharge themselves over poor treatment.

In a video going viral online, some of the patients expressed anger at the situation, saying they were not comfortable with their feeding arrangement.

They however, requested to be allowed to be in their homes instead of being left to die of hunger at the isolation facility.

Meanwhile, there is tension in the state over the purported escape of a woman from an isolation centre.

It will be recalled that some covid19 patients protested in Gombe state due to poor treatment too.

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Probe My Children, Family Members If Corrupt Buhari Tells EFCC.




NEWS: Probe My Children, Family Members If Corrupt Buhari Tells EFCC. [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl
President Buhari has told the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti-graft agencies to probe even his own children or members of his family implicated in corrupt practices.

He said he would not forgive the anti-graft agency if it fails to pobe any allegation of corruption against his children and family members.

A sketch of Buharis tough anti-corruption mindset and plans was contained in a book, Muhammadu Buhari: The challenges of leadership in Nigeria, which is authored by Prof. John Paden.

The book reveals how Buhari inspired the acting Chairman of EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu as a school boy to develop anti-graft traits.It adds: Buharis attitude is to let the chips fall where they may in particular cases, although reform of the judiciary is one of his larger goals.

Buhari has often said that if any of his own children were accused of corruption, and the authorities did not investigate, he would never forgive the authorities.
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